Wordsmiths United: Polyphonic
Written by Blake Trent All Images courtesy of Wordsmiths United

One of Style.No.Chaser’s favorite brands Wordsmiths United is back with a collection that stays true to an ethos of introspection and atmospheric awareness.  The collection labelled Polyphonic is described by Wordsmiths United as a meditation on unity that expands on the belief that harmony can be achieved among even the most seemingly discordant elements – this collection explores how a combination of these dissonant colors and shapes can complement one another to the ends of a new and more powerful chorus.  The collection mostly showcases outerwear that is primarily comprised of bright (but has some dark) colors that symbiotically blends with its environment in very appealing ways.  Wordsmiths United declares that each piece has been designed to balance and enhance its environment, while simultaneously symphonizing with the next.  Peace to Wordsmiths United founder Jasco Chan.

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