You Need a Goat Story In Your Life
Written by: Anthony Hagan All Images by provided by Goat Story

Too many people have come to accept that it is acceptable for functionality to surrender to great design or for aesthetic beauty to yield to utility.  The individuals of Goat Story totally discarded these doctrines and created a useful object that is also visually arresting.  When is the last time you saw a coffee mug that was more elegant that your favorite fashion accessory.  The Goat Story mug underscores the fact that out-of-the-box thinking and non-adherence to the status quo spurs innovation.  With a very successful Kickstarter campaign already complete and an infectiously positive attitude, the future looks very bright for Goat Story.

We had a chance to connect with Stella Korošec, Marketing Director of Equa (the people behind Goat Story) to get some insight on the brand and future plans.  See the interview below:    

“If the campaign hadn’t been successful, we wouldn’t have produced the Goat Mug …”

Please tell us about Goat Story’s initiation (who is behind the product?), product and philosophy?

The team of people behind the Goat Story project is combined from the marketing section of EQUA and the design studio DESNAHEMISFERA. Anze, EQUA’s CEO, wanted to make a coffee mug so special it is going to stand out in the sea of generic coffee mugs. The guys from DESNAHEMISFERA found the idea challenging and immediately started looking for inspiration.



Who is Goat Story’s target demographic?

The Goat Story aimed above all at people who appreciate sophisticated and innovative design, as well as smart solutions, and, of course, can’t live without coffee.

Tell us more about Goat Story’s Kickstarter campaign and your decision to use that avenue to raise capital?  What will the capital raised be used for?

The product is so peculiar that a Kickstarter campaign seemed like the only possible way of getting the proof the concept is accepted, as well as raising the production funds. If the campaign hadn’t been successful, we wouldn’t have produced the Goat Mug at all. We just needed confirmation that there are enough coffee/goat/design lovers out there. It turned out there’s a whole bunch of us. The Kickstarter campain ran from Dec 4th 2014 to Jan 3rd 2015 (30 days) and raised about $458,000.

What has been the most pivotal moment in the company’s young history thus far?

Every day is important to us, we do our best to improve our knowledge and skills. It was probably after reaching our initial goal of $25,000 on Kickstarter in just 2 days when we realized how huge of a deal this project is.

Could you elaborate on this statement about your product “practical and sustainable, but is also a fashion accessory”?

The company’s philosophy is striving to create products that are not only good looking but also very practical, so they solve problems people face on everyday basis. Besides, all we want to create sustainable products, which on long term, will have a positive effect on the environment. Using a reusable coffee mug over and over again instead of the paper ones that turn into waste and harm the environment is exactly what makes this product sustainable.  And c’mon it looks soooo good and just admit it, you’d want to wear it on your shoulder even if you don’t drink coffee.

Do you have plans for future “Goat Story” products?

Lots and lots of plans! But we’ll take it one step at a time. Our first goal is to finish the production of the Goat mugs, make sure all the logistics are solved correctly, finish our webpage and webs hop. We will definitely keep our minds busy in the meanwhile with the ideas for the new products.

Are you entertaining potential branding collaborations with other brands?

Honestly, we haven’t thought of that yet. But never say never.

How are you keeping competition and potential competitors at bay?

We love competition. We think competition is a good thing; it keeps everyone in the industry on top of their game.

What is the worst critique and the best compliment you have received thus far about the unique shaped mug?

Worst critique would be when people compare other similarly shaped products to ours and say we stole the design. Our product is so much more than just a horn shaped product. There’s an inspiring story behind it, the beautiful design touches, smart technical solutions, the simplified usage, etc.

Best compliment: “Just shut up and take my money” – makes us laugh every time!

How can people get their hands on your products?

Preorders will be enabled in our web store any time now. Check it out!

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